How to Turn On, Off Enforced Piece Part?

1. What is ‘Enforced Piece Part’?

In NX, the enforced piece part is a condition. If applied, then another part can not be added or created under it to form an assembly.

Part files like piece parts, assemblies/sub assemblies or drawing parts have common “.prt” extension. So sometimes it becomes necessary to distinguish between a piece part and other part files. User can add another part as a component to a piece part (eg: standard parts like screw, nut, etc.) so that the resulting part becomes an assembly. This can be avoided by using the functionality ‘Enforced Piece Part’.

Enforced Piece Part
NX Enforced Piece Part Utility

2. How to turn on/off ‘Enforced Piece Part’?

Dialog ‘Piece Part Enforcement’ will open which has the option to toggle on/off so that current active part can be set as ‘Enforce as Piece Part’. Toggle on the option ‘Enforce as Piece Part’. If you want to remove the enforced condition from part then start the command and just toggle off the option ‘Enforce as Piece Part’. This will remove the enforced condition and other component can be added/created within that part.

Piece Part Enforcement Dialog

After applying the condition using the utility, if user tries to add component to it or tries to create a new component in current active enforced piece part then an information dialog is presented with the message that components cannot be added to it.

Piece Part – Add Component
Piece Part – Create New Component

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