How to Enable ‘Edit Text’ (to be retired) Command in NX 1872?

Command Finder – Edit Text (Drafting)
Linear MenuMenu > Edit > Annotation > Edit

This command is used to edit text and settings of drafting annotations. It can be used to override the text of drafting dimensions and annotations. Until NX 12, this command was available.

Edit Text

Starting from NX 1847 series, this command was hidden as it was marked “to be retired”. It was removed from linear menu and not searchable using command finder.

NX 1847 – Edit Annotation Menu

However, this command can be added to toolbars/ribbon using “Customize” command.
1. While in Drafting application, Open ‘Customize” by File > Customize or use keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+1″

NX – File Customize (Ctrl+1)

2. Search for ‘Edit Text’ command
3. Use the mouse to drag and drop the command back into the menus or ribbon toolbar.

Enabling ‘Edit Text’ in NX1872

Starting from NX 1872 series, this command was completely removed. But same command can be enabled and used in the NX 1872 and higher series versions using environment variable “UGII_PMI_EDIT_TEXT_COMMAND”.

To enable this command, the user has to set the environment variable “UGII_PMI_EDIT_TEXT_COMMAND” to 1.

Upon setting the environment variable, In the new NX (1872) session, command will be available under linear menu path “Menu > Edit > Annotation > Edit” only and not searchable by command finder.

NX 1872 – Edit Text Command (to be retired)

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