How to Download NX Student (Learning) Edition Software?

Until NX 11, The Student Edition, which is also known as NX Learning Edition was available through third party sites like Journey Ed, Academic Superstore (US and Canada), Creation Engine (global), and Studica (global).

You can download NX for free and use it. To download the software following steps are required.

1. Registration to Download NX

Go to Siemens NX Learning Edition page.

Download NX
NX Student Edition Homepage
  1. You can sign up a new account using your Google or LinkedIn account.
  2. You can fill the form and start the free trial
NX Student Edition Registration

2. Account Verification and Activation

After successful registration, you will receive a verification email. Click ‘Verify Email’ in the email.

NX Student Edition Email Verification

After successful verification and account activation. Login to account.

3. Download and Install

After successful login, Click on ‘Download NX Student Edition’

Download NX Student Edition

Select the latest version from the drop-down and click on it. Click on the application/zip file to download it. After download, extract the zip file. Run the “Setup.exe” file to install NX.

NX Student Edition Setup File

Run the setup wizard to complete the installation.

NX Student Edition Setup Wizard

After successful installation, you can start NX. There is no need to install any license server before or after setup.
The installation will automatically create and set the environment variable ‘SPLM_LICENSE_SERVER‘. This environment will point to the license file. e.g. “C:\Program Files\Siemens\NXStudentEdition1953\UGII\NXSTUDENTLICENSE.lic“.

The NX session will display the name in the title bar as “NX Student Edition“.

NX Student Learning Edition Session

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